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Peachtree City, Georgia
Learn About Peachtree City, Georgia

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Peachtree City, Georgia breaks the top 50 in hottest zip codes in the current real estate market

Peachtree City was formed as a "master planned" community and it now has a population approaching 40,000 residents. Most residential areas in Peachtree City are built out.

Peachtree City is a relatively young city (incorporated in 1959) and has seen steady growth over the years.

Peachtree City is located directly South to Southwest of Atlanta—and is at a lower sea level (over 800 feet above sea level—but in a valley) than Atlanta.

There are only a few lots that are undeveloped in Peachtree City. Peachtree City was developed under the village concept (no central city area) and there are six villages.

There are however, large tracts of land that is suitable for building but much of it is designated as greenbelt/open space which means the property would have to be rezoned in order for new building to be considered.

Many of the subdivisions in Peachtree City are built around—lakes, golf courses, and/or open green space—which provides a pleasing and relaxing view that can help reduce your stress levels after a busy day at work.

Assisted Living In Peachtree City...

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The main highways in Peachtree City for moving traffic is Highway 54 which runs through Kedron, Glenloch, Aberdeen, and Wilksmoor Villages (Highway 54 is also called Floy Farr Parkway—named after one of the cities two founders) and Highway 74 which runs through Kedron, Aberdeen and the Industrial Villages (Highway 74 is also called Joel Cowan Parkway—and is named after the cities other founder).

What is the Fredrick Brown Jr. Amphitheater? 

Highway 54 flows East and West—directly to the East is the city of Fayetteville and directly to the West is the Sharpsburg/Newnan area.

Highway 74 flows North and South—directly to the North is the city of Tyrone and directly to the South is the Starr’s Mill/Senoia area.

Both Highway 74 and Highway 54 are State Roads. Highway 54 crosses over Lake Peachtree. Over the past twenty years both Highway 54/34 and Highway 74 have added additional lanes and Highway 74 has recently (2011) added several lanes to help improve the flow of traffic.

Highway 54 East goes into the town of Sharpsburg—but turns into Highway 34 if you keep straight—and Highway 34 will take you into the City of Newnan.

You can also access Interstate 85 (approximately 10 miles from Peachtree City) from Highway 34. It is a good option if you are going 85 South from Peachtree City towards the Lagrange or Montgomery Alabama area.

If your goal is to go to Atlanta (roughly 45 minutes from Peachtree City if the traffic is flowing) your best option is to take 74 North to Interstate 85 North (which is approximately 12 miles from Peachtree City).

The Georgia Department of Transportation has expanded Highway 74 South all the way to the Starr’s Mill/Senoia area and State Route 85—which should help the flow of traffic move much smoother.

Peachtree Parkway is also a major street in Peachtree City and it flows North—South for the most part.

It is divided into North Peachtree Parkway (two lanes) which flows South from Highway 74 in the Kedron Village area into the Aberdeen Village area.

The Parkway also crosses Lake Kedron and intersects with Highway 54—and once you cross Highway 54 you enter South Peachtree Parkway (divided four lane parkway) which runs through Aberdeen, Glenloch and Braelinn Villages for several miles.

Whether Peachtree City can keep it’s small town charm with all of the development going on around it will be largely decided by the current and future City Councils as their decisions will have lasting effects on the future of this city.

The Coweta County area to the East and South has seen rapid growth in recent years. Peachtree City has also seen some growth in residential and commercial developments over the last several years with the development of the West (Wilksmoor) Village.

Peachtree City has various zoning, building and architectural restrictions that has the goal of controlling growth and keeping the village concept at the forefront.

In spite of all the growth it is my opinion that Peachtree City will retain it’s small town charm for the most part—although there may be questionable developments.

Peachtree City is mostly built out and proper decision making will help to ensure a prosperous future for Peachtree City in my opinion—even though there are no guarantees when it comes to development.

One of the more desirable amenities in Peachtree City is the golf cart path system that has almost 90 miles of paved surface so that residents and visitors can move about the various areas without having to utilize a car.

Bicycles, pedestrians and joggers also use the path system as well.

Green Open Space is abundant which along with the village concept and recreational facilities—gives the community a resort type feel.

Peachtree City lies inside the most healthiest County in the State of Georgia (Fayette County) according to the University of Wisconsin's Population Health Institute, in accordance with the Robert Wood Foundation. Fayette County has received this award in 2009 and 2010.

According to its website, the rankings help counties understand what influences how healthy residents are and how long they will live.

Family Circle magazine has also named Peachtree City as the second best family town in America in 2011.

The top factors considered were "top-notch schools affordable housing, green space and giving spirit" according to the Family Circle web site.


Starrs Mill High School, Rising Star Middle School and People’s Elementary School are located in Fayette County "outside of the city limits" of Peachtree City.

Even so—if you live or purchase on the southernmost area of the City—your child may be zoned for one of those schools.

In particular—and generally speaking if you live south of McIntosh Trail there is a good chance that your child will be zoned for Rising Star Middle or Starr's Mill High.

Be sure to check with your agent if your goal is to purchase in Peachtree City and you want your child to attend Booth Middle or McIntosh High—both of which are located “within the city limits of Peachtree City.

In addition, some subdivisions in Kedron Village (such as Smokerise Plantation) are zoned for Bennett's Mill Middle School which is located "outside of" Peachtree City in Fayette County.

If your goal is to have your children attend Booth Middle School which is located within the city of Peachtree City, be sure to discuss it with your real estate agent.

Public Schools In Peachtree City

Aberdeen Village:

Peachtree City Elementary 

Braelinn Village:

Braelinn Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary

Peeple's Elementary—Located in Starr's Mill Area

Rising Starr Middle School—Located in Starr's Mill Area

Starr's Mill High School—Located in Starr's Mill Area 

Glenloch Village:

Huddleston Elementary

Booth Middle School 

Kedron Village:

Crabapple Lane Elementary

Kedron Elementary

Bennett's Mill Middle School—Located in Fayetteville Area

McIntosh High School 

Wilksmoor (West) Village:

No Public Schools In This Village

NOTE: If you get special permission your child may be able to attend a school outside of their attendance zone in Fayette County!

You can do so by meeting one of 3 exceptions that were revised in 2008but be sure to check for current qualifications as they can change from time to time:

1) If a student's place of residence changes from one attendance area to another attendance area during the school year that student may finish at the school that he or she began.

2) A student shall be allowed to attend the school in which a parent or guardian is a full-time teacher or employee.

3) A student may be assigned by the superintendent to a school outside of their attendance area based upon criteria set by the Fayette County Board of Education.

Among the criteria that they consider are:

A) Availability of space in the receiving school and a requirement that the parent transport their child to the school.

B) The policy states the change must be in the best interest of the student.

C) The superintendent finds that the change is in the best interest of the district and that the principals of the sending and receiving schools be consulted. 

To learn more about schools in the Peachtree City area go to the Georgia Education Report Website or the Great Schools Website to see how the schools rank if you are considering moving to this area. 

There are also a number of private schools in the area:


Landmark Christian

St. Paul Lutheran Church & School 

High School:

Our Lady of Mercy High School (located in nearby Fairburn GA)

Landmark Christian High School (located in nearby Fairburn GA)

Woodward Academy (located in nearby College Park GA)

Nearby Sharpsburg Area:

Heritage Christian K-4 to 12

Shoal Creek Adventist School Pre-k to 12 

Nearby Newnan Area:

Heritage School (Grades 1—12)

Montessori (Toddler—Middle School)

Newnan Classical (kindergarten—9)

Newnan Christian School (K-4 to G-12)

Developmentally Challenged:

Bedford School (located in nearby Fairburn GA)

Joseph Sams School (located in nearby Fayetteville GA) 

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