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 Created on 12/10/2016 by Thomas (TJ) Underwood

Learn about the favorite pages of visitors to the following sites that was created by Thomas (TJ) Underwood:








As 2016 comes to a close and many look forward to making major changes in their life in 2017 I  (Thomas “TJ” Underwood) came to the realization that I had created hundreds upon hundreds of pages over the past 10 years or so—and yet I had not created a favorites page on any of my sites. 

It then occurred to me—why not create a favorites page based on all 3 sites that I have written content for.


Below you will find the top 10 favorites based on visitors reaction from all of the sites listed above and also a link to the pages that have helped many visitors achieve their goals in a more effective and efficient manner. 


In addition, you will find favorites that I have selected from all of the sites that I create content on—"based on what I feel will lead to your success in the most efficient manner possible."


By visiting any of the favorites listed below you can put yourself and your family on a path to seeing your future with more clarity and on a path to taking the necessary action on a consistent basis to make the goals that you seek come into fruition in a timely manner.


It is our desire that this page will provide you with the illumination within your mind and heart to see your future in clear terms.  

Furthermore, it is our desire that you take an introspective look (reach deep inside your mind and heart) at your future in a more inspiring and a more encouraging way—starting today!

We are of the opinion that the following links will provide you a powerful nucleus and help propel you toward reaching your and your family's credit, finance and real estate goals in a more efficient and well thought out manner.

It is our desire that you will find more than just a glimmer of hope on the following links.  It is our desire that the following links will take you where you desire to go—and beyond!


www.realty-1-strategic-advisors.com FAVORITES:


1)      Credit & Personal Finance

Synopsis: A credit page that is designed to be the most complete and effective on the web that is designed for your success.  

Visitor comments state that this page has done wonders for them in helping them get a handle on their credit.

2)      Why You Must Have a Financially Alert Mind

Synopsis: Provides you with the opportunity to have a Financially Alert Mind as opposed to just obtaining Financial Literacy.  

Financially Alert Mind puts you in a better position for future success than Financial Literacy ever could!

Visitor comments state that their future outlook about their finances have shifted dramatically since visiting this page.

3)      Mental Fortitude & Personal Finance

Synopsis: Lets you know if you now have the mental toughness or fortitude to manage your finances at a higher level.  

Visitor comments state that what they thought they had mastered was not even close, after visiting this page.

4)      Dedication & Personal Finance

Synopsis: A popular page that is to the point and helps you determine at this time if you have the dedication that is needed for success at this time.

Visitor comments state that this page has made them re-assess their seriousness toward their financial goals.

5)      Keys to Success

Synopsis: On this page you can learn seldom revealed "keys to success" that will help you achieve success in a comprehensive manner throughout your financial life.

Visitor comments state that the page has helped them understand finance in ways they never imagined.

6)      Book series by TJ Underwood

Synopsis: Did you know that Thomas "TJ" Underwood has a number of books on the market at this time and many more planned for the future?  

As an added bonus all proceeds from all of the book sales in this series go toward maintaining and improving the three websites mentioned in this discussion and toward the creation of new books in the series that can empower youand others to achieve even more in ways you never imagined.

Visitor comments state that the books in this series were very helpful and helped them achieve their goals in a more timely manner.  

Great value according to those who have purchased and used books in the book series.

7)      Mindset & Personal Finance

Synopsis: Do you have the right mindset for future success?  Find out in this timely article that is designed to get you to achieve your goals at a level that is the best that is within you.

Visitor comments state that they have had a mindset shift that has helped them achieve more in less time after visiting this page.

8)      Adversity & Personal Finance

Synopsis:  Did you know that adversity will occur throughout your lifetime?  Did you know that how you respond to adversity is critical for your future success?

Visitor comments state that although they may not like to face adversity—this page definitely gave them a new perspective on what it takes to effectively manage their finances during difficult times in their life.

9)      Written Plans & Personal Finance

Synopsis: Learn why if you are formulating goals and not putting them in writing you are selling yourself and your family short.  Learn how and why you must form meaningful and significant goals and put it all in writing.

Visitor comments state that by formulating written goals they have achieved at a high level and in a timely manner.

10)   Sincerity & Personal Finance

Synopsis: Learn why you can't kid yourself if you are "at this time" serious about reaching your future goals.

Visitor comments state that this page served as a wake-up call to force them to do more on a daily basis in all areas of their life.


www.the-best-atlanta-real-estate-advice.com FAVORITES:

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1)      NACA Versus  Georgia Dream Down Payment Assistance

Synopsis: Provides a comparison between Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America or NACA and Georgia Dream Down Payment Assistance programs in a thorough manner.

Visitor comments stated that this page gave them what they needed to properly analyze the NACA program and determine if the program was appropriate for them.

2)      FHA 5/1 versus FHA 30 Year Loan

Synopsis:  Provides a comparison between a 5/1 ARM and an FHA 30 year loan under a scenario where purchaser will move in a few years.

Visitor comments state that the breakdown of an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) in comparison to a 30 year loan helps them make a more informed decision on the housing mortgage product that they should utilize when time is a major consideration.

3)       New Content

Synopsis: You can go here to get the absolute latest articles by Thomas (TJ) Underwood—the creator of all of the sites discussed on this page.

Visitor comments state that this page provides them an overview of how blogging should be done and points them in the direction of solid advice on various credit, finance and real estate topics on a consistent basis.

4)      Home Loan Closing Costs

Synopsis:  Do you know what home closing costs are?  Well it varies from lender to lender but this article is a good starting point for those who are considering a home purchase or refinance.

Visitor comments state that this page has helped them avoid heartache and save money prior to selecting and closing on their home loan or refinance.

5)      The 3 Step Structured Approach

Synopsis: A new 3 Step Structured Approach to managing your credit and finances that stands apart as the most effective and efficient system to managing your credit and finances in a comprehensive manner that can be found anywhere. 

Visitor comments state that by sincerely applying the "3 Step Approach" they are achieving at an efficient pace and they have a better grasp of their finances and a more complete or comprehensive picture of what is required of them while they strive to achieve their goals.

6)      Home Loan Pre-Approval

Synopsis: Learn why a home loan pre-approval gives you more bargaining power than a home loan pre-qualification.

Visitor comments state that by using the pre-approval approach discussed on this page, they have been selected as the buyer more readily than other offers from other buyers with competing offers.

7)      Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions

Synopsis: Visitor comments state that by visiting the FAQ's page they have expanded their real estate knowledge base tremendously.

8)       How to Shop for a Mortgage Loan

Synopsis: Learn how to properly shop for a mortgage loan by visiting this page.

Visitor comments state that the steps outlined was very helpful when they shopped for a mortgage loan and helped them avoid common mistakes.

9)      All About Warranty Deeds

Synopsis: Do you know the types of Warranty Deeds in your state?  Learn about warranty deeds so you will know the type to avoid based on your home purchase.

Visitor comments stated that they learned about warranty deeds and what they are in a manner that they never conceived.

10)   Real Estate Success Tips

Synopsis: Page provides a number of real estate tips that are designed to get you moving and achieving at the level that serves your and your family's best interest.

Visitor comments state that the tips offered on this page were very helpful whether they were buying and/or selling their home.

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www.TheWealthIncreaser.com FAVORITES:


1)      Financially Alert Mind versus Financial Literacy

Synopsis:  One of my absolute favorite pages as it spells out in certain terms why a "Financially Alert Mind"  serves your and your family's best interest. 

It is no wonder that visitors find this page a favorite as it introduces the concept of "Financially Alert Mind" to the novice in a manner that is readily understandable and in a manner where it can be readily applied in their daily actions.

It is not the same page as the one listed earlier in this discussion and this page has a different take on the same theme.

Financially Alert Mind & Expanding Your Thought Horizon will also provide you with added insight on why obtaining a Financially Alert Mind is so important.

Visitor comments state that both of the above articles have changed their life for the better and has provided them a new approach to managing their finances.

2)      Money Management Personalities

Synopsis: Provides you the opportunity to look at how you manage your finances on a daily basis in comparison to how others manage their finances.

Visitor comments state that they have found this most unusual analysis of personality types both amusing and well needed on the web.

3)      Curb Appeal & Selling Your Home

Synopsis: Lets sellers (and buyers) know the importance of curb appeal or how their home looks upon arrival is critical for selling at top dollar and selling in a more timely manner.

Visitor comments state that this page has helped them prepare their home for the market and list and sell their home at a more competitive price.

4)      Passion & Wealth Building

Synopsis: Do you have the passion that is needed to build wealth effectively?  Find out in this engaging and entertaining discussion.  

Visitor comments state that this page has made them think much deeper about their financial future.

5)      Wealth Building Now

Synopsis: Do you know how to build your wealth in an efficient manner?  Visit this page to learn how you could possibly do it better!

Visitor comments state that this page has helped them build wealth in a more efficient and effective manner and reach many of their goals.

6)      Who is the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com

Synopsis: Page provides an overview of who Thomas (TJ) Underwood is.

Visitor comments stated that this page provided them needed insight on the bloggers writing styleand purpose for writing in the manner that he does. 

They also stated that page provided them an overview of how blogging should be done and pointed them in the direction of solid advice on various credit, finance and real estate topics.

7)      Responses to TheWealthIncreaser.com

Synopsis: Visitor comments about the success that they have achieved by visiting TheWealthIncreaser.com

8)      Goal Setting & Wealth Building

Synopsis: Shows you the importance of setting and going after your goals in a more inspiring manner.  

Visitor comments state that this page has helped them formulate and achieve their goals in ways they never thought possible.

9)      Momentum & Wealth Building

Synopsis: Page shows you how you can use momentum to get things moving in your credit and financial life.

Visitor comments state that page has helped them get the ball rolling as it relates to their credit and finances.

10)   Refocusing Your Mind for Success—5 Steps Toward Financial Success

Synopsis: Page puts out in detailed fashion how you must prepare your mind for success and is a web favorite of those who have visited this page.  

This page was featured on Boostsuite as a guest post and was also picked up by Yahoo Finance and is a visitor favorite.

A related page is Refreshing Your Mind for Success  and it has a similar theme that is designed to get you moving as far as managing your finances more effectively is concerned.

Visitor comments state that the page provided far more than was expected and helped them formulate a new and clearer picture of their financial future.

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FAVORITES from all 3 sites based on the opinion of Thomas (TJ) Underwood:


1)      Who is the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com

Synopsis:  Visitor comments state that this page provides them an overview of how blogging should be done and pointed them in the direction of solid advice on various credit, finance and real estate topics.

On this page you will find the links to over 500 pages of Wealth Building Advice on 3 sites that Thomas "TJ" Underwood has created.

2)      Mental Fortitude & Personal Finance

Synopsis:  Helps you determine immediately if you have what it takes from a mental perspective to achieve at a high level in the management of your credit and finances.

3)      Excuses & Personal Finance

Synopsis: Lets you know in no uncertain terms that you definitely have what it takes to achieve if you leave excuses behind you.

4)      Imagination & Personal Finance

Synopsis: Shows you the importance of dreaming big and following up with appropriate action.

5)      Home Loan News

Synopsis: Provides timely topics about home loans and how you can better utilize the loan process when shopping for a mortgage.

6)      Responsibility & Personal Finance

Synopsis:  Although "not in the top 10" among VISITOR FAVORITES, this page "definitely makes my top 10" as it outlines in clear terms what your credit and financial responsibilities are WHILE HERE ON PLANET EARTH!

Furthermore, this page shows you why having a comprehensive understanding of your credit and finances is actually the key to your success in all areas of your life and further shows you how to use that understanding to achieve more.

7)      Tax Shelters

Synopsis:  Shows you highly effective ways that you can use tax shelterseven if you have modest income!

8)      Discretionary Income & Wealth Accumulation

Synopsis: Shows you what discretionary income is and shows you why having discretionary income is so important as you formulate and ascend toward your goals.

9)      FAQ’s the-best-atlanta-real-estate-advice.com

Synopsis: Provides common and not so common questions that many visitors have asked (or thought about asking but failed to do so) and helps you expand your mind about real estate and the buying and selling of your home.

10)   Complete Home Buying Process

Synopsis: Provides potential home buyers and sellers a comprehensive overview of the home buying process that will greatly reduce the stress of a home purchase and/or home sale.


Every other month or so I will pick a page that I think can be of great benefit to you and your family.  This will be a page that didn't make the top 10 according to visitor traffic, but can add real value for your and your family's advancement as you move toward your financial and life goals.


Mental Working Knowledge & Personal Finance

Synopsis: By visiting this page you can learn how to use what you know to your best advantage as you manage your finances throughout your lifetime.

June/July Selection:

Growth & Personal Finance

Synopsis:  Learn why continuous growth during your lifetime must be expected of you and learn new and creative ways that you can grow financially as you navigate through your life on a daily basis.

April/May Selection:

Credit Resources

Synopsis: Do you know the resources that are available that can help you manage your credit and credit score more effectively? 

Find out what they are and how you can use them to achieve more throughout your lifetime.

Undoubtedly one of the most empowering credit pages in the "internet universe" according to many who have visited this page.

February/March Selection:

Mastering The 5 Credit factors So that You Can Achieve Your Dreams

Synopsis: Even though this page was recently created (December 2016) it has quickly become a visitor favorite as it addresses your need to know how to effectively manage the factors that affect your credit and credit score throughout your lifetime.  

By visiting this page you can learn new and more effective ways of managing the factors that affect your credit and credit score that "you can carry within YOUR mind" and help you manage your credit in a manner that will lead you toward achieving your credit and financial goals in a more timely manner.

December/January Selection:

Financial Mindset of Resiliency

Synopsis: Do you have the mental toughness and know how to achieve at your highest level on a daily basis.  

Visit this page to look at a new and possibly more efficient way of getting to where you need to be.

Visitors to this page state that they now engage their mind in the financial matters in their life in a more engaging manner as they now see the benefit of planning and truly striving to reach the goals that they desire.



Even though the above pages are FAVORITES of many visitors to this and the other sites mentioned abovethey may not be right for you at this point in time.

Be sure to visit the site map on all of the sites to find a topic of interest to you and one that may be more germane to where you are at in your financial life at this particular time.

Also, be sure to use the "glossary" of credit, finance and real estate terms to enhance your understanding of all of the pages on all of the sites!


May all of your dreams be attained…

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He is the writer behind The Real Estate & Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books that include The Wealth Increaser, Home Buyer 411, Home Seller 411, and  Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM.  

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He is the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com where he regularly blogs about helping consumers improve their credit, finance and real estate pursuits in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner. 

He’s always looking for ways to make intelligent finance improvement happen for those who “sincerely desire” success in their future. He was the first financial planner to coin the phrase "financially alert mind"  and he consistently writes in a style that is designed to provide consumers the ability to take control of their lives and achieve great results.

You can contact him from a number of sources but the most direct way is to contact him through the contact us block that can be found at the bottom of this page.  You can also get highly relevant tips on "living your life more abundantly" and link to TheWealthIncreaser.com and possibly earn revenue by logging on to TheWealthIncreaser.com.

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