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Frequently Asked Questions—Expand your knowledge base and learn more about credit, finance and real estate 

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Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions

Learn about Frequently Asked Questions about Managing & Improving You Credit & Finances for this Millennium…

Q: I've visited all of your websites and you seem to write great articles. How do you come up with so many interesting topics and write in such an inspiring manner?

A:  On many occasions the topic of discussion will come from inspiration that I receive from within, on other occasions I will receive inspiration on topics from current events and what is the hot topic of the moment.

My goal is to always write at a level that will allow you to achieve much more throughout your lifetime.

On many occasions I may not feel up to writing at a high level but the inspiration to do so usually occurs once I get started. 

It is imperative that you too take action on what you want to see occur during your lifetime.

Q: How does your site compete against other personal finance and real estate sites?


A: Because our articles are more focused and designed to assist you in a real way and in a more comprehensive way and are primarily written by the same publisher you get articles that are truly designed to move you forward in a more cohesive manner.

Even though there are hundreds upon hundreds of great personal finance and real estate sites in the blog universe, most are written by too many different publishers (or have marketing aims) to give you the directed and comprehensive approach that you need to achieve at your highest level on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, because the focus on this site is the production of high quality content that can really move you forward and not on search engine gimmicks and other marketing gimmicks—we are able to write in a different and more appropriate style that is designed to provide you the “mental working knowledge” that you need to effectively manage your credit, finance and real estate concerns.

Most sites are all over the place as far as content is concerned and it is difficult for visitors who are trying to effectively comprehend the material on many sites.

Many visitors have a real concern about their financial future and they want to achieve at a higher level.

Many sites are too complex for visitors to gain a workable understanding of topics in a highly focused manner.

In short, because our site is not "traffic focused" but focused on helping "you" achieve at your highest level in a comprehensive way—our site does not have competition—or has very little competition as far as sites that are available to help you achieve your aim of comprehensively managing your finances in a manner that serves your best interest is concerned.

Q: You seem to write in a different or inspiring writing style—how did your writing style come about?

A: Basically, I decide on a topic that I feel can benefit consumers in a real and meaningful way—write about that topic based on my experiences with past and present clients as well as my own experiences and I then try to refine it to the highest level possible based on the inspiration that I receive at that particular time.

It often results in highly original one of a kind content that cannot be duplicated. On many occasions I don't even know where my thoughts will take me as I try to "suspend" my intellect. However, if my thoughts and inspiration drift away from the topic I edit my writing down so that it gets back on topic.

My goal is to offer consumers something that is of high value and can really move them forward in their life whether it be in their credit, financial or real estate transactions.

Furthermore, because much of what I write I know to be true firsthand, I can write in a bold and fearless style that is designed to benefit consumers in a real and lasting manner.

My goal is to inspire and encourage you to do more in your life by providing you the essential knowledge that is needed to achieve success in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Search engine optimization, linking and key word usage is not the focus of my writing style—therefore you get more content that is designed for your future success as achieving what you need to achieve is the most desired outcome that we desire for you and your family.

In the case of my book writing I go even further as I will edit my writing down on several occasions and then try to improve the content as much as possible so that it is the absolute best way (in my opinion) that I can express what I am trying to convey!

Q:  Why do I even need credit, I'm comfortable living without utilizing credit?


A:  Unless you find yourself in the ideal position where you don't have a need to use credit during your life you will need to utilize credit at some point during your life if you desire to live at a marginal level of comfort.  If you have a very high net worth or you come from a family with a very high net worth you may not have a need for credit!


However, if you are like most of us you will need to utilize credit at some point during your life.   In addition,  you can use credit as a leveraging tool to achieve even greater financial success during your lifetime if you use credit wisely.


The proper question to ask then becomes—how can I use credit to my and my family's best advantage during the period of my life that I intend or have to utilize credit?


By asking that question and answering it appropriately you can put your mind on a path to coming up with a plan that allows you to use credit for the minimal amount of time possible during your lifetime. 

You can then devise a plan that truly serves your and your family's best interest—not creditors and others who could really care less about your future success or your use of credit.


You can go to this page that I created several years ago to get an even deeper understanding of how you can understand and use credit more effectively in your life—right now.   If you have a need to "improve your credit" at this time be sure to visit our Credit Improvement page on site before you do anything else!

Q:  Do you have a donate button?  "It's a shame you don't have a donate button!  I'd most certainly donate to this outstanding blog!  Your other blogs are beautifully written as well.

I guess for now I will settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.  I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about your sites with my Facebook group.  Chat soon!"

A: We do not accept donations on this site or any of our sites.  The goal of this site and our other sites is to spread powerful credit, finance and real estate advice to those who truly desire success in their wealth building future.

If you have a need for our products you can purchase a product, however if you can navigate this and our other sites and attain the success that you desire without doing so, that is fine by us.

In addition, we don't recommend that you purchase our products for others as the desire and motivation for achieving major success must come from inside of the person who desires success when utilizing our products.

Over the years we have found that if you do not desire success for yourself—you (or others) won't obtain the maximum benefit from our products when received as a gift.

Q:  I live my life daily and I don’t worry about my future—why should I worry about tomorrow—God’s in control of my future?

A:  I agree that you should not worry about your future and I agree that God is in control.

However, that does not mean that you should not adequately plan for your future. 

By properly planning for your future you can more effectively put yourself and your family in position to not have to worry about your future.

You will know in time certain when you will accomplish the goals that you desire! 

You will know “your responsibilities” and you will be able to use that knowledge for the rest of your life—therefore worry, anxiety, fear and other distractionswill not be a part of your mindset and you will be able to accomplish and achieve more during your lifetime!

Q:  Your site is one of the most informative and dynamic sites that I have come across.  What is your motivation for creating this site?

A:  My goal is to actually inspire, encourage and seriously provide you an opportunity to learn what you need to learn in a manner where the material can be comprehended by you and applied by you on a daily basis—and will lead you toward the success that you desire—or the success that you need to attain to make life more enjoyable while you are here on planet earth.

Because what I convey on this site is designed for your benefit and the Glory of God—I don’t focus on SEO, Links and other marketing strategies that are designed to provide additional income but may not provide you with what you need—to succeed. 

Our goal is to provide you and your family an avenue to financial success that is as effective and efficient as possible—based on your future goals.

Even though we occasionally post to Facebook—Twitter and other trending sites—that is not the focus of our writing style. 

Our focus is directed at those who “sincerely want” financial success in their future and are willing to put forth effort to find this site by having a thirst or desire for success. 

Referrals and other ways of reaching this site occur frequently as well due to the success that many visitors attain.  Based upon their success they often feel the need to share this site with others and that has been a major part of our growth. 

On this site our focus is on you—so that you can learn what you need to learn to make your dreams come true!

It is important that you never blame others for your problems or current predicament—good or bad—with or without your consent.

You must take responsibility for your future from this day forward and make what you desire and really want in your future HAPPEN!

Now is the time that you look within—and use this site so that YOU can WIN! 

Now is the time that you really believe in yourself—and now is the time that you significantly improve your financial health.

Now is the time that YOU dream big, empower yourself to do more in your life—and light a spark on the inside that can never be extinguished—as major success is now in your midst.

Our goal is to provide you and others solid advice that can really move you forward in this new economy.

However, if you or others who visit this site disagree with any of the content—we welcome and encourage you to challenge the material at your highest level and communicate with us about what you disagree on. 

By doing so we can improve this site and continue to provide high value content that can lead you, your family and others toward major success.


Q: What is a "financially alert mind" and why should it concern me?

A: Part of showing your love to your family is having a “Financially Alert Mind”—meaning you must know how to respond appropriately to all that happens in your  financial life.

By being financially alert you will also be of the mindset that you must act in a proactive manner as you move toward improving your and your family's credit and finances!



By having a "financially alert mind" you will make it a priority to gain the preparation and knowledge that is needed for success on the front end—not after you have encountered financial difficulty.



A “financially alert mind” is organized and quick to see opportunity and at the same time realizes that there are no limitations on what it can accomplish because those who have a financially alert mind—don’t set any limitations within their own mind!

A financially alert mind is proactive and addresses credit and financial concerns on the front end. 


A financially alert mind knows how to properly utilize personal financial statements, properly manage and improve their credit and properly address all areas of their finances that need to be addressed.

A financially alert mind does so in an effective and efficient manner and in a manner that benefits those who have a financially alert mind the most—not creditors and others who have no real concern for their or their family's livelihood!


You must make it a priority to utilize your mind properly and to think for yourself if you sincerely desire success on a consistent basis! A financially alert mindallows you the opportunity to do just that!

Q: How do I come up with an appropriate price to sell my home at?

A: In the end when determining price, condition versus the competition, timing and location must be properly analyzed to maximize your opportunity to sell in a shorter time frame than those who over-price their home right from the start!  For a more complete discussion on pricing your home—click here...

Q: I'm hearing a lot about underwater mortgages—what are they and how can I avoid going underwater when I purchase or sell my home?

A: Underwater mortgages are basically terminology that is used for those who owe more on their mortgage loan or home loan than the property is worth thus the term upside down  or underwater mortgage is used.  To learn more about underwater mortgages click here...

Q: Who’s the best person to contact when I am considering buying and/or selling my home?

A: You! Without a doubt you must start with yourself.

It not only takes soul searching on your part to really decide if a home purchase is in your best interest.  You must also ensure that you are in financial position to purchase or sell and you must have stable employment and a properly established emergency fund in place—as well as a down payment.

If you don’t have the above you should at least have other factors at work (compensating factors) that will help you as you pursue home ownership.

You should never purchase a home or make any major purchase unless you are properly prepared to do so. That means doing your research and analysis on the front end, whether it be financial or otherwise.

Q: I noticed that you have created several new books—where do you get the energy to create your websites and books?

A: I basically operate on a daily basis by utilizing many of the principles on this site.

In addition, due to my past experiences as a loan processor, fee-only financial planner and current position as a real estate broker—I have obtained the preparation that is needed to bring into existence new and empowering ways for consumers to manage and improve their credit, finance and real estate pursuits.

An added motivation with the creation of my last few books was that I was recently (prior to creation) stung by yellow jacket wasps (twice within a two week period).

Those of you who are familiar with the creation of my first book realize that I was also stung by yellow jacket wasps and went into anaphylaxic shock with the creation of my first book—due to being allergic to them.

That incident created the desire and urgency to do the final organizing and editing in an efficient manner with my first book and ironically with my last few books as well—as I was again stung by wasps prior to doing the final editing.

When you see the real possibility of death flash before your eyes on a number of occasions you realize that you can do more and you realize that you need to do more and urgency takes on a new meaning in all of your endeavors!

Prior to the creation of this website and writing my first book I often procrastinated and failed to take the needed action until I became fully committed and realized that by taking consistent action I could bring into existence what I desired in a more efficient manner. 

By sincerely applying much of the material on this site on a daily basis—I was able to transform my habits for the better and you can do the same if you have a sincere desire to do so!

Q: You mention "compensating factors" quite often on this site and your companion site.  What are they and what is the importance as it relates to real estate?

A: Compensating factors are factors that offset another factor. For example you may not have a six month emergency fund in which I highly recommend prior to purchasing your first home, but you do have a one month emergency fund and a housing and debt ratio of 20% which is considered low.

Because you have high discretionary income (income left over after housing and other expenses have been paid) you should be able to accumulate a six month emergency fund rather quickly.

The high discretionary income compensates or counterbalances the lack of a six month emergency fund. Even so you must be disciplined and determined to save the discretionary income to get the six month emergency fund.

If you are a high spender and not a natural saver and you foresee difficulty saving for an emergency fund this may be a bad strategy for you.

Other compensating factors include an upcoming bonus or windfall, inheritance, settlement, or other means of accumulating cash.

Social Security, Pension and other income in addition to your home qualifying income could also possibly be considered compensating factors if they are not used in your front (housing) and back (housing plus your debt) end ratios.

Q:  On your home page I noticed you created another website!  What led you to create—you already have two websites and two blogs?

Purchase our new book—"The Wealth Increaser"—by Clicking Here...

A: The inspiration to create occurred  in January of 2014 during the infamous “snowjam” that backed-up traffic on the freeways in Atlanta for hours and in many cases overnight for some unfortunate drivers.

Even though my delay was only several hours—the delay provided the inspiration for the thoughts to create a website that would directly assist consumers in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner to materialize.  was formulated on the premise that consumers need good input (knowledge) on a regular basis on the front-end (proactively) if they are to reach their highest potential when managing and improving their credit and finances.

If you are one who has the determination and commitment that is required to reach your future goals or you desire to gain those important qualities you must start the process by doing a self-evaluation (you must know what you really desire in your life) so that you can constantly grow.  was designed with you in mind and the goal is to provide you with powerful knowledge that you can utilize effectively to help you be the best “you” that you can be as you move forward in your credit, finance—or any other life pursuits that you may have. is for those who are interested in asking the right questions and getting the right answers.  The site is available for those who desire clarity and direction as they journey towards improving their credit and finances. 

The site is part cheerleader (designed to motivate and inspire you to do all that you can do) and is designed to create a desire and thirst in you to understand and apply credit and financial management systems and approaches that serve your best interest—not creditors and others.

The site provides you the ability to put what you learn into practice and further provides you the ability to transform your and your family’s finances for generations by providing you the focus that you need to succeed.

It is important that you realize that your current circumstances are only temporary and not the way that it has to be in your and your family's future! 

By frequenting  on a consistent basis you will soon realize that you can push harder than you are currently pushing—you can reach higher than you are currently reaching and you will not only know that you are capable of accomplishing much more during your lifetime—you will actually start on a positive path to doing just that!


Q:  Over the years I have found great value in your websites—what led you to create this website?

A: First and foremost it is important that you realize that prior to creating this website and our companion site and writing my first book I had not written “anything over 500 words” in over 20 years.

I basically operated at the same level as most consumers until I made a real decision to take direct action in all of my endeavors and I also made the decision to cultivate the habits of success to a higher level in my life in a sincere manner.

By doing so I was able to “dream big” and my mind was open to receiving and acting on the powerful inspiration that entered my mind and heart to bring you what we believe are the two most empowering sites ever created that are designed for your success.

It is important that you realize that God will often take ordinary people and utilize them to do extraordinary things!

By utilizing the powerful inspiration that came to my mind I was able to excel at  a high level and provide consumers the critical credit, finance, and real estate insight that they not only need to know—but deserve to know!

By making a real commitment to do my best at all times (always operating in excellence) and in all of my endeavors (all of my daily actions) the inspiration to create these sites came forth in a powerful manner.

It is no accident that you cannot find another credit and finance site that offers you clear advice that can truly change your life in a meaningful way in your daily life right now with no strings attached! 

On this site you will find no streaming audio and video, no headache type advertising nor annoying pop-ups.

You will receive unbiased credit and finance advice that can help you improve your credit and finance management skills to a very high level in a very efficient manner!

It is our opinion that this site along with our companion site are the most powerful ever created that are designed for your success in your credit, finance, and real estate pursuits.

Furthermore, I decided to create this site when I realized fully that you only come this way (planet earth) “once” as far as we know and with the untimely transition of my younger brother who looks just like me—I know in a real way that your time on earth is limited and you must take “action” and give it your best in all that you do and at all times!

In addition, we believe that our new book provides you a smarter, more cost effective, time efficient and easier to follow approach that is designed for your credit and financial success in a comprehensive manner than any book that can be found in personal finance!

Learn about FAQ's about "new book"...

Did you know that you have authority or control over the decisions that affect your and your family's future? 

How are you going to manage and improve your credit and finances and life—in this day and age?   It is important that you make the decision to review this site and see if you can move yourself and your family forward in an effective manner!


For more on what led to the creation of this site go to the About the Broker Page” and Frequently Asked Questions About New Book Page!

Q: How do I know if I am currently qualified to buy/sell my home?

A: It is based on a number of factors including most importantly your housing and debt ratios, your total debt and income, your emergency fund balance, your current credit position and down payment among others.

Learn more in our Smart Guide to Buying Your Home and/or Smart Guide to Selling Your Home...

Q: What should I base my home purchasing or home selling decision on?

A: Your decision should be based on sound fundamental advice?

The first step is to properly educate yourself on the home buying and home selling process prior to contacting a real estate agent and/or mortgage loan officer.

This education includes determining whether you have the proper means to buy or sell at this time by doing several fundamental financial checkups.

If you are not yet ready we can offer tips to help get you ready to properly buy and/or sell your home...

You know that the decision you make will follow you for many years to come—so it is important that you make the proper home buying and home selling decision “prior to” your purchase or sale!

The reality is that you may now lack the knowledge and critical understanding of the real estate process.

Maybe you’ve had a frustrating buying or selling experience in the past.

Only you can answer those questions, but the fact is the home buying and home selling process is one of the biggest decisions most consumers make and it should be approached in the right manner.

Q: Why do you recommend the use of personal financial statements when purchasing or selling a home? Isn’t that just more paperwork and more of a headache for me?

A: The key benefit of personal financial statements (whether purchasing or selling a home) is to help you improve the living conditions for yourself and your family.

Learn more about personal financial statements in our NEW GUIDE—CREDIT & FINANCE IMPROVEMENT MADE EASY that provides you a blueprint to success that many consumers around the world have found helpful...

Yes, it is true that some gathering of paperwork and effort at organizing your financial data is involved.

However, it will make your life a lot easier if you are organized and utilize the data obtained from the financial analysis properly.

By utilizing the data properly you and your family can have a more enjoyable future as you will increase the odds of doing the things in life that you and your family like to do.

Retirement Planning, College Planning, Vacation Planning and the like will come into clear focus if you use the data derived from the statements properly.

In addition you will need to retrieve and organize your financial data anyway if you will be obtaining financing. In that case personal financial statements will not be that much of an effort (headache) on your part as you will have most of the needed documents and other information handy.

The use of personal financial statements is a minor headache when compared with the benefits that you will receive—especially when you utilize our services—personal financial statements are complimentary. By not organizing and analyzing your finances on a regular basis you will have a bigger (and more constant) headache.

When you look at the big pictureobtaining, organizing and analyzing your financial documents are a rather simple process.

However, it does require motivation on your part to get the ball rollingno one can do it for you!

Q: You have a number of interesting topics on your website—what is your favorite page?


A: It depends on the day of the week and the time that you ask me.  You must realize that this site was in large part created by inspiration that was received at a particular point in time.  Likewise, my favorite page may vary depending on the inspiration that I have on a particular day.

However, if I were to choose one page it would be the “Imagination & Personal Finance Page” because imagination is what actually brought this siteour companion site and our powerful new book   into existence and has helped many visitors take action and bring their big vision to life as well!

Another one of my favorite pages at this time is Responsibility & Personal Finance because it outlines in clear terms what you need to do now to achieve the success that serves your and your family's best interest (helps you attain a "financially alert mind" in the most efficient manner possible)!

In addition, Fear & Personal Finance is another favorite
as there is no reason that you or anyone else should fear what lies in your future. 

Another recent (Summer 2013) favorite is Purpose & Personal Credit because it outlines in clear terms what the purpose of credit is for those who go through life on planet earth and outlines in clear terms what is required for those who want to utilize credit in an effective manner on a consistent basis throughout their lifetime!

However, be sure to visit the Mental Fortitude & Personal Finance page and the Self-Worth & Personal Finance page as they are also very powerful pages because they provide you the blueprint to know if you now have what you need to succeed—from a mental standpoint.  Do you have a "financially alert mind?"  Do you know how to properly focus on what you desire?  Be sure to visit the above pages to find out as they are a key to your future success!

On this site you will find empowering content that can really move you and your family forward!  

By gaining the proper preparation and the proper knowledge that is necessary for success you can put yourself in position to manage your finances in a manner that reduces your stress.  You no longer have to let the frustration of your situation or high stress levels rule your future—unless you choose too!


Did you know that worry, anxiety, fear and frustration is nothing but a distraction and they should play no meaningful role in your life?

The success stories that we have received as a result of creating these sites continue to inspire us and provides the fuel that propels the continued expansion and improvement of this site. 

Keep in mind though, that we strive to provide high value content on every page that we create.

Q: Your book is priced higher than other noted author’s—why is that so?

A: Some consumers are often hesitant to purchase our book due to price concerns—my response is that if you are not truly and sincerely aspiring to improve your and your family’s credit and finances to a high level—you will in most cases not see the value!

If after reviewing this site you don’t see the value to you and your family that is provided at "no cost to you"—then it makes sense that you would not find any value in purchasing a book that is designed specifically for your and your family’s success—in today’s economy!

Our new book is for those who are now "serious about their future" and want success at a high level in the most cost-effective, time efficient and easy to follow and apply manner that can be found in personal finance!

In almost all cases you will recoup the value of the book by applying any number of concepts or ideas that can be found in the book.  In addition you will gain the mental working knowledge that you need for the rest of your life to manage your credit and finances effectively. 

We also offer an iron-clad 30 day refund policy (including S/H up to $4.95) so if you are disappointed for any reason you have no risk if returned within that time period (if purchased from this site).

Unlike any other system or approach in existence you will have a system and approach that you can carry within your mind that provides you the mental framework to not only manage your credit and finances in a comprehensive manner but a system that can prevent you from getting into a bad situation (prevention is the best cure) when managing your credit and finances!

Q: I’ve been following your site since the early years of your site and your site has really grown—how do you stay motivated to present new content on a consistent basis?


A: Basically I start my day with the mindset that I will take direct action in all that I do.   You must realize that if you pray and wait—your results will not be that great.  However, if you pray and take the right action—you can achieve a high level of satisfaction!

I also utilize a powerful morning prayer that gets my mind moving at a faster pace and gives my mind added energy and the ability to take immediate action.


I then normally go to the keys to success or success planning page and select a topic of interest that will get my creative energy flowing—based on what appeals to me at that moment.

My goal is to get “thoughts of success” flowing in my mind so that I can achieve the goals that I set for that particular day and to keep my motivational level high.

I also keep open the possibility that I will have to change my approach or schedule during the day. 

My approach is to do the most important things first—particularly those that have deadlines for that particular day—or matters where time is of the essence. 

When dealing with home sales and home purchases doing things in a timely manner is a requirement.

When it comes to personal financial planning time can also be of the essence—however there is usually more flexibility on time commitments with the financial planning that I do with my clients. 

The completion from start to finish of one plan can in some cases take several weeks—depending on the number of plans that I have to complete.

After my day winds down I will often do research and analysis and later that night if my creative thoughts are flowing—I might just have the energy to create a page that can help consumers improve their credit, finance or real estate pursuits in a highly effective way.

With the creation of the content on this site I don’t operate with a schedule or a  timetable for completion.  I only create new content when I get the inspiration to do so and only when I truly feel that the subject matter can add real value to your life in a meaningful and highly effective way—today!  

On many occasions I will obtain the inspiration (and motivation) to create new content from the powerful communications that I receive from consumers who have used the information and advice on this site to effectively change their credit and financial condition. 

Other areas of inspiration often comes from what appears to be a basic question from those who visit this site.

It is not uncommon for a compelling question or one that is asked quite often to appear on this site with a full page dedicated solely to that question!

When my schedule gets really busy it can often be difficult to find the time to actually create new content—however, I force my mind to make the commitment by taking action and realizing that "no excuse or reason" will prevent the creation of a new—original and empowering page that can change the future of consumers in a real and lasting way! 

My goal in doing all of the above is to keep my focus in line with what I really want to accomplish in the immediate, short, intermediate—and long term—to improve the financial lives of consumers around the world!

Q: How do you compete against other fortune 500 and other large companies?

A:  Basically I don't look at it as competition as I try to do the best that is within me on a daily basis. 

I start my day by asking what can "I" do to move toward making the lives of consumers worldwide better on a consistent basis? 

By asking and answering that question in a sincere manner I am able to come up with new and inspiring ways for consumers to improve their credit and finances.

It is important that you start with yourself when you are trying to do something big and new to improve the lives of consumers or achieve your life purpose or what you were put on earth to do. 

You can't depend on others or those who you feel may have deep pockets to do what needs to be done when you are dealing in an area as delicate as personal finance!

You must operate in your life purpose and achieve at the level that is the best that is within you on a consistent basis if you desire to reach your goals and life purpose while here on planet earth! 

Excuses or feeling inadequate must never be a part of your mindset as it can only send you in the opposite direction of your big dream while you are here on planet earth!

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The above article was written by Thomas (TJ) UnderwoodThomas (TJ) Underwood is a former fee-only financial planner, a former top producing loan processor and is currently a licensed real estate broker in the state of Georgia. 

He is the writer behind The Real Estate & Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books that include The Wealth Increaser, Home Buyer 411 The Smart Guide to Buying Your Home, Home Seller 411 The Smart Guide to Selling Your Home, and  Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM.

In addition he is also the writer who created The 3 Step Structured Approach to Managing Your Finances, and CREDIT & FINANCE IMPROVEMENT MADE EASY—NEW GUIDE that you can download right now "(at MIMIMAL cost $3.95)" to learn more about his writing style and how you can achieve "more" success in the current economy.

He is the creator of where he regularly blogs about helping consumers improve their credit, finance and real estate pursuits in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner. 

He’s always looking for ways to make intelligent finance improvement happen for those who “sincerely desire” success in their future. He was the first financial planner to coin the phrase "financially alert mind"  and he consistently writes in a style that is designed to provide consumers the ability to take control of their lives and achieve great results.

You can contact him from a number of sources but the most direct way is to contact him through the contact us block that can be found at the bottom of this page.  You can also get highly relevant tips on "living your life more abundantly" and link to and possibly earn revenue by logging on to

He is also an IRS registered tax planning professional with over 30 years of tax experience and can be reached at:



Atlanta South Location:

Realty 1 Strategic Advisors, LLC

77 Prestwick Lane

Peachtree City, GA 30269

770-719-4550 (Direct)

Atlanta Central Location:

Realty 1 Strategic Advisors, LLC

2940 West Stubbs Road

Atlanta, GA 30349

404-952-9284 (Direct)

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