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If you don't see the worth within youwhy should others?

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What Am I Really Worth?

It is important that you have a strong and healthy view of yourself and your financial future.

You must feel that you not only deserve a successful future—you must know and understand that it is your birthright.

You were created to do great things in your life and now is the time that you live up to those expectations.

You were put on earth to create the future that you desire and to advance society!

From this point forward you must stop doing less than your best and elevate your mind to a high level so that you can do great things while you are here on earth!

You must make a conscious decision to feel good about yourself, your family and your financial future!

No one can make you look at yourself and feel good about yourself—you must do it!

Regardless of how others look at themselves and their situation you must have a positive view of your future and the success that you will create!

You must know and understand your purpose for being here at this time and you must feel worthy of achieving your purpose!

You must know that you can create the future that you desire and you should feel good about having the knowledge that you can create your future.

It is important that you realize that your happiness and self-worth must come from within you!

You cannot expect to receive your happiness and self-worth from others or your material possessions.

However, if you improve your credit and finances to a high level—doing so could provide you the freedom to do the things in life that you really enjoy, thus increasing your happiness and the way that you feel about yourself on a daily basis.

You must feel good about yourself and you must have a high level of self-esteem towards yourself and confidence in your financial future.

You must realize that your happiness and self-worth starts inside of your mind and heart!

You can use your conscious mind to make the decision to improve in all areas of your life by making the decision to do so and then following through on that decision with decisive action!

Improving your credit and finances and simplifying your financial life can lead to you feeling better about yourself.

Doing so on a consistent basis can lead to you living a happy and meaningful life—where joy is at the center!

You cannot do like some who live their life in uncertainty and yet believe they will accomplish their dreams (goals).

You must “know and receive” your dreams (goals)—because you have a written plan of action in place and a high level of faith about your future that cannot be shaken!

You must know within your mind and heart that you can accomplish any goal that you set!

The key is that you must put your goals and dreams in writing and create a workable plan to make your goals and dreams a reality.

If you believe success lives in you, success will believe in you.

You must feel worthy of all of the success that is in your future!

When proper preparation, know-how, execution and faith meet inside of your mind and heart—"success" will say—WELCOME!

Why not you? 

You have all that it takes inside of you to reach great heights in your life!

Now is the time that you make a serious move and pursue the greatness that lies inside of you. You are truly worth what you were put on earth to do.

Live out your purpose for being here in the most enthusiastic and beneficial way possible. You and your family should have it no other way!

Always remember that you have the “power” to take your mind to a “good place!”

You don’t have to stay in a “low place” if you make the choice not too.

Make the decision right now to feel good about yourself, your future and the actions that you will take daily!

In short, you are worthy of whatever you decide in your mind that you are worthy of and your lack of action on a daily basis will speak volumes!

On the flip side, your decision and follow through on taking decisive action on a daily basis will also speak volumes!

Always remember that many can quote wise thoughts, however very few can apply wise thoughts effectively and in a manner that can transform their life.

You can aim high or aim low!  No one else can control your aim! 

You control how you feel about yourself and the direction that your life will take!

Use that knowledge to control your future and stop blaming others or let how others look at you and feel about you affect your life in a detrimental way!

Use that knowledge to free your mind from anything in your past or your family's past that may be holding you back from reaching your goals!

You have the mental capacity to do great things in your life—you don't have to live your life in strife!

I leave you with a poem that I created as I wrote this page to inspire you to be all that "you" can be.

Use it as inspiration to go as high as you can see!

Greatness Is In You (Give It Your All)

No one can see what you see or do what you do.

You are a unique creation the world is waiting on you!

Your gifts and talents can be seen all around.

Please don’t let us down!

We want to ensure that your gifts are around.

Will you do (be) all that you can and not let us down!

Your gifts and talents are our reward.

For you not to give it your all would not lead us forward.

Use your creativity and not negativity—you’ll receive a positive charge and go down in history—as large.

Is it any wonder that you have what it takes?

You can be all that you want to be as long as you don’t put on the brakes!

Do you know that you are great?

Provide us your gift (purpose) for being here—the world can no longer wait!

Do you know that you have the strength that you need—to succeed?

Greatness is in you—you can make all of your dreams come true!

Starting today—will you do what you need to do?

What You Can Do Now To Increase Your Self-Worth

Give serious thought to the future that you desire and use your focus along with the pages on this site to truly transform your and your family's future!

You have the power to "break free" from your past and forge a great future for yourself and your family—starting today! 

You must realize that hope, wishful thinking or prayerwithout action is not a strategy.

You must know that major success can be in your and your family's future by taking appropriate action and doing what you need to do on a consistent basis!

Putting a plan in action that is measurable and has definite deadlines for achievement is a strategy—if done properly!

You can demonstrate faith and the fact that you value your and your family's future by taking action at a high level and achieving at a high levelright now!

You and your family are worthy of a prosperous and successful future!  Now is the time that you affirm that reality!

Just as this site speaks in a "voice" that is totally unique and original—so too should you be original in your life purpose or the assignment that you have in your life. 

Whether you are facing adversity or you are moving along at a good and prosperous pace the content on this site is designed to encourage and provide positive results for you as you move along in life.

By having faith that you can achieve your goals you can change your life and the direction that you are goingright now!

The key to your success while navigating this site is not the knowledge that you will gain—but how you "comprehend" and "utilize (apply) the knowledge" that you will gain in your daily life.

While navigating this site it is important that you engage your heart and mind at your highest level and you use your willpower to take the appropriate action that you need to take on a consistent basis.

If you don't take action nowdo you really have faith that you will have a successful future in the area of your choosing?

Final Thoughts on Self-Worth

When it comes to self-worth you must always believe that you are worthy of a prosperous and successful future.

Just as I used my imagination and said to myselfwhy not me, you should also be sayingwhy not you, if there is something big that you really want to do!

You must realize that I did not wait on others to tell me that it was OK to create this siteour companion site or write my new book!

It is no accident that this site is totally original and presented in a tone, style and format that you have never experienced. 

When you are original in what you do you will be rewarded beyond your imagination and you will put yourself in position to exponentially expand your thought horizon!

By doing so you can put yourself in position to come up with new and highly creative ways of doing thingsregardless of your life purpose.

For example, the "3 Step Structured Approach to Managing Your Credit & Finances" that can be found in our new book is totally original and is in our opinion the most powerful comprehensive credit and finance improvement system available.

The 3 Step Approach mentioned above is a system that utilizes 7 words that allows you to know in a comprehensive manner what you need to do for the rest of your life to manage your credit and finances in a highly effective and efficient manner!

The "3 Step Approach" shows originality by presenting a comprehensive credit and finance management system (one that serves your and your family's best interest—not creditor's) that you can pull up from your mind at will without having to refer to a book or other sources and will provide you the results that you desire or the results that you need to attain!

However, don't take the above statement at face value, you must seriously ask yourselfdo I currently have a system that does the above or do I know of a system that does?

By being original thoughts at a high level will be in your midst on a consistent basis and if you act on those thoughts in a meaningful wayyou can take your life in the direction of your life purpose.

On this site you will find original thoughts on original pages on virtually every page on this site and that is no accident!

Just as I acted on inspiration that came from within—you can do the same if you feel you are worthy of the success that you desire, regardless of the area that you decide to excel in.

Do you know that you are worthy of whatever you think you are worthy of?

Do you know your purpose for your life at this time? 

Answer the above questions appropriately and use the knowledge that you will learn on this site to reach your highest heights as you move towards the success that you desire for yourself and your family!

It is important that you realize from this day forward that as it relates to your and your family's future successyour self-worth is far more important than your net worth.

What is shaping your perspective about how you see your future outlook on a daily basis? 

Do you sincerely see positive outcomes in your future? 

Now is the time to go after what you seeif it is in your best interest to do so! 

It is very important that you feel worthy of the success that can truly be yours if only you pursued what you really want out of life at a high level and you truly believe in your mind and heart that you will succeed.

You now know that you are worthy of the success that you now see or will soon see!

As you can see from this discussion your self-worth or how you feel about yourself on a consistent basis is more important than your net worth, how others feel about you or what you are worth from a financial standpoint at this time.

However, you don't have to shortchange yourself or your family either way!

By effectively navigating this site and applying what you feel can move  you and your family forward you can position yourself for success in a number of critical areas.

And as you navigate this site and lifealways remember that you are Worthwhat you think you are WORTH!

We wish you and your family untold success in the future!

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