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Faith & Personal FnanceLearn How You Can Achieve What You Desire

As I contemplated the creation of this 150th page for this site in the Spring of 2013, I knew that I had to come up with a topic of discussion that was really powerful and worthy of 150 pages!

You must realize that when I speak of the creation of a page it is in “internet terms”—as one page on this site in many cases can be from 5 to 10 actual pages of real world content!


The imagination, inspiration, motivation, dedication, determination, preparation, focus, and self-confidence that was put in place to make this site a reality has been overwhelming.

However, by putting in the required effort
and having faith the blueprint was provided to actually bring this site (and our companion site and our new book Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM) into existence.

Consumers can now benefit and take advantage of powerful systems of credit and finance improvement.

What It Takes For You To Succeed—Now

All consumers who sincerely want to benefit can now do so as there is “no cost involved” for you if you want to achieve credit and finance success at a high level when you utilize this site and our companion site!


When I say “Cost” I mean monetary cost—as it will cost you valuable time and effort to comprehend and apply the powerful content on this site. 

However, it will be the best use of your time and effort to achieve what you desire in your and your family’s credit and financial future in my opinion!

How This Site Was Created

By having “faith” that the site that I imagined based on inspiration that I received could really occur during my lifetime—the energy to create such a site occurred in a powerful way!



By seriously cultivating positive qualities of success and making a “sincere“ effort to put those qualities into action at a high level, this site—our companion site and our new book (Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM) came into existence and is now changing the lives of consumers worldwide in a major way!


It is no accident that the success stories that we continue to receive happen on a constant basis as that was the vision and intent of this site from  the beginning!


It is important that you too, have faith that what you desire most will occur! 

You must believe and know that the success that you desire will occur in your lifetime!

How You Can Create The Success That You Desire

Whether your goal is to improve your credit, finance or real estate future or any other goal that you desire, you must really believe that the goal(s) that you set will really occur and you must have faith that it will actually occur at the level that you desire!


Part of having faith requires that you move to action consistently by making the personal commitmentto do what is necessary to achieve your and your family’s goals and objectives!


You now have access to 150 pages of the most powerful content of credit, finance and real estate advice that can be found on the internet. 

Be sure to use that access (and inform others) for the greater benefit of yourself and your family!


If you are truly operating in faith you must have the belief and knowledge that what you desire will happen in your future!

You must know that what is unseen (in actuality) in the time and space that now exists will occur in the time and space in your future (will actually occur or happen)! 

You must know (have faith) that if you take the action that is necessary—you can make it happen!

Whether it is improving your credit, finances, real estate or any other area of concern in your life, you must always have the "faith" that what you desire for yourself and your family will materialize during your lifetime!

Why You Must Take Action

By taking action on a consistent basis you are showing that you have “true faith” and you are showing that you are truly sincere in your efforts to bring into existence a new and more empowering reality for yourself and your family!


You must realize that you don’t have to have a poor state of mind when it comes to your physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, or financial future!


If you are lacking in any or all of the areas listed above, you must realize fully that "you" can change that now! 

If you have poor money management habitsthis site will change the way that you look at and think about your credit and finances and will provide you a new way of thinking that can vastly improve your credit and finances!


You can now find what is missing or lacking in your credit and finances by navigating this site in an appropriate manner and comprehending and applying what you will learn at your highest level!

Why You Must Make Effective Use Of This Site

Be sure to use the access that you have to 150 pages of the most powerful credit and finance advice that can be found on the internet to your and your family’s greater benefit—starting today!


Always remember, that by applying your faith daily (knowing with certainty on a daily basis that what you desire most will occur in your future) you can make that which you desire most come into reality much more effectively and efficiently than if you fail to apply your faith daily!


You must also remember that the 150 pages that you have the opportunity to utilize in your and your family’s daily life RIGHT NOW that can move you and your family forward in a highly effective waywas created in large part by applying faith on a daily basis.

You must also realize that unlike any system ever createdthe "3 Step Structured Approach to Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances" that can be found in our new book provides you the opportunity to utilize 7 words (actually 5—but 7 is more appropriate) that will provide you a comprehensive approach to attacking your credit and finances on a daily basis in a highly effective and efficient manner!

Why Having Faith Is So Important

You must realize that this site, our companion site and our new book—Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM was brought into existence from a “Vow that was made to God”—to do something great for humanity!

You must never underestimate what God can do in, for, through
and around you—during your lifetime! 

By utilizing your best efforts to do what is right you can obtain the blessings of God and you will open up endless possibilities for your future accomplishments!

With the creation of this site I looked at it as God asking me to participate in what he is doing (spreading personal finance knowledge to consumers worldwide to their benefit) and my only response that I could come up with was a resoundingYES!

When God is working on major change in your life you will often not know what is going to be created down the line!

Something big (a pivotal moment where you dig in and make a serious commitment to do what needs to be done) will often occur in your life to show others God's true power.

You must remember that if you are called to do something (your life purpose) you are already equipped with what it takes to succeed! 

However, you must think and know that you are equipped by taking direct action on a consistent basis—if you are to get powerful results!

Why You Must Dream Big

You must realize that if you dream big and receive and act on the powerful inspiration that comes your way—God will always be with you in whatever he called you to do! 

You must find your passion and purpose in your life if you are to achieve at your highest level.


Many would have thought it impossible or improbable that a site that provided all that you receive on this site could be created in an efficient manner—with powerful content that could truly move you forward. 

However, by having the faith all along that it could and would occur and by having a big imagination
that which was needed to bring this site to where it is at today—occurred in a powerful manner!

What You Must Do Now

We ask that you make a real commitment to see your future clearly and act on making what you see a reality—if it is in your best interest to do so!

If you dream big and pursue more in your life—you will receive more in your life!  You must really go after your goals at this time!

Be sure to use your faith along with all of the other success qualities that you may need to cultivate to a higher level to take yourself and your family to where you need or want to be in the most effective and efficient manner possible—during your and your family’s  lifetime!

It is our belief that the content on this site is an instrument of God's Glory and bigger than what I thought or what I imagined this site to be when it was conceived!

This site is a testimony of the success that can be attained by those who truly believe and those who are willing to take the necessary action to bring what they desire into reality in a sincere manner—to benefit themselves, their family and society!

You must remember that you must always approach life in a proactive manner—not re-actively (to prevent times of trouble or adversity from occurring) when approaching your credit, finance, real estate or any other area of your life.

God can use you to do great and mighty things if you open your mind up to the possibility and you give all the glory to God.

It is important that you realize fully that God can use you in a big way—TODAY!

By utilizing your faith and taking decisive action all of your dreams are possible!

Below is  a song that I was inspired to create that I feel sums up my and my family's life that has help direct my faith on a daily basis. 

If you find benefit in it—utilize it to stay positive and reach the goals that you desire.

You Were The One

You were my THEN and my NOW—my WHEN and my HOWIt was you right from the start—who dwelt in my heart!

Through your power and your glory
—you told your story!

It was you right from the start—who dwelt in my heart!

As I reach back in my mind from my very first thoughts—I realized that it was you!

By the power of your love—you showed us the miraculous!

You showed me—what I could truly be!

By your grace—I can now clearly see that it was you right from the start—that dwelt in my heart!

You showed me the impossible!

You showed me the remarkable!

You showed me the incredible!

You showed me the improbable!

It was you right from the start—who dwelt in my heart!

You were my THEN and my NOW—my WHEN and my HOWIt was you right from the start—who dwelt in my heart!

The above poem was inspired by gospel singer Joe T. Adams song "It Was You" off of his Breakthrough Album and in a real sense the above poem or song states how I feel about faith.  If you find some benefit in itbe sure to use it in your life to reach your highest heights and achieve the level of success that you desire!

When it comes to applying your faith you must always believe that something greater is coming if you prepare your mind properly with the right knowledge and you take the right actionconsistently!

You must understand fully that nothing significant will happen if you fail to move to action as you embark on your journeywhether it be improving your credit and finances or attaining any other goal or purpose in your life.

Why accept a lower standard of living or not reach significant goals in your life when you don't have to? 

Use your faith to make what you desire most—occur!

You must "really" have faith that what you desire will occur in your future for the greater benefit of yourself, your family and society!

Are you now ready for the test...?

All the best to your future success....

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Thomas (TJ) Underwood

Content Writer

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He’s always looking for ways to make intelligent finance improvement happen for those who “sincerely desire” success in their future. He was the first financial planner to coin the phrase "financially alert mind"  and he consistently writes in a style that is designed to provide consumers the ability to take control of their lives and achieve great results.

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